Crazy Chip-8 Version v0.2

CrazyChip8 is an Chip-8 emulator which uses to run games like: 'pong', 'space Invaders'..etc.
it emulates the Chip8 only (not SuperChip8 extended).
CrazyChip8 emulates few games, some games has InGame gfx problems (lacking SChip8 support).
some Game will have diffrent Input.
the usual input are: NumPad0 to NumPad9, '/', '*','Delete','-','+','Enter'





What's New:

N-Gage/s60(limited) Port of CrazyChip8


Added Cpu Adjustble speed.

Win32ASM Port & PVdasm Plugin




Download v0.1 N-Gage/s60

Download v0.2 Binary

Download v0.2 Source

Download v0.2 ASM Binary

Download v0.2 MASM/RadASM Source

Download v0.2 PVDasm Plugin Source+Binary