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In here you will find Tools (old & new) written by me, Hope you will enjoy.

Barcode Generator - Download Source
This is an old EAN-13 barcode generator, based on information found
at +ORC's doc and misc information.

Dec -> Hex Converter - Download
Useless Old source, was trying to do dec to hex algorithm

Gargamel Encryper - Download Dos Version Dos Source ASM Source Win32 Source
I have coded this tool for fun,
a simple made up encrypter algorithm is beeing used (very weak).
find how to decrypt here Tutorial

LIAP Decrypter - Download + Source (dos/win32)
L.I.A.P is a "Lock It And Protect" decrypter,
A friend of mine has a problem at school,
some program has been installed on the lab and uses a 'password' protected,
folders/files, only admin can unlock you can too

RSA Bignum Calculator - Download+Source Code (win32)
A small app to calculate Big Numbers using Pow/mod
Function used in the RSA algorithm (decryption / encryption) using Miracl Libary.

Keygen Template - Download Source
Use this keygen Template for coding very small exe sizes in Visual C++ 6.0 win32.
example: 2 editboxes / 2 buttons = 2.5k exe

Password Revealer - Download + Source
This app will reveal the text under password
protected edit boxes using Mouse Hooks.
originaly coded by Savage/PhrozenCrew Under Win32Asm, This is a Win32 VC++
Port done by me and my friend.

OpenGL - Download + Source (VC++)
OpenGL over a dialog box without creating
new window - (W.I.P)

Chat - Download (Win32) + Source Code
This is an Client/Server (one direction)
Chat application, total size 5k each, coded under VC++ 6 - (W.I.P)

File Mapper - Download Source Code
Map a File into Memory and dump it,
Contains Source Code (W.I.P)

Game Boy ROM Header Dumper - Download
Use this code to view/edit (not featured) the GB ROM Header

Proview v0.8 - Download
Proview is an the most advanced / longest
application i have written so far.
Proview is an:
1. Pe Viewer
2. File Analyzer
3. Disassembler
5. Process Killer / Viewer

This specific tool is Discontinued!, i am Rewriting Proview -> PvDasm!! .
View Screen Shots here: Shot1 Shot1

Proview Last Update: 17.10.2002

Disassembler Engine - Download
This is a complete Disassembler engine written from scratch!
-Last Update: 12.09.2003


All Tools presented here are for educational purposes only!!

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